Methyl Plus (90 tablets) 30 servings
Methyl Plus (90 tablets) 30 servings
Methyl Plus (90 tablets) 30 servings
Methyl Plus (90 tablets) 30 servings
Methyl Plus (90 tablets) 30 servings

Methyl Plus (90 tablets) 30 servings

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The ultimate Natural, FragranceFree, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free undermethylation supplement (in addition to SAM-e), packed with only the best active important nutrients for the undermethylator.

It is designed to help with MTHFR (MTHFR is divided into two groups: Undermethylator and Overmethylator, and most are in the first group. If you are in the second however, the supplementation should be different). Read our Articles/NEWS! for more information.

Note: this product is designed to work together with SAM-e to help the methylation cycle speed up. If you do not have SAM-e already please order it now (SAM-e should be taken separately as a methyl-donor, especially in the early stage).

If you came here for for methylfolate please read this: (Blog) "Methylfolate - the "suicidal" nutrient (don't believe the hype)" (we all need some folate, but too much can make you feel worse).

Blog: Why not only SAM-e?

Cofactors for the "undermethylator". These nutrients are aimed for those who are undermethylated (if you do not know, you should check first or consult with your nutritionally aware practitioner).

Blog: How do you know if you are undermethylated?

The easiest way (no more pill organizers) to get all your nutrients in the best forms (no compromises). Plus it will save you money, time compared to buying every nutrient separate (planning and preparation to get everything you need) and extra fillers etc. (we have managed to squeeze as many and much of each essential nutrient as possible into each tablet - avoiding unnecessary fillers).

Contains only the best forms of each nutrient (best active forms suitable to aid in the methylation cycle): 

Download XLS-file for calculation for other number of tablets


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  • Is this product corn free? Is the folic acid methyl for those with MTHFR gene?

    The product is tested for Gluten, Soy and Dairy, but not Corn. We need to check with suppliers of each nutrient and get back to you about this question.
    And yes, the Quatrefolic® Methylfolate which is in the supplement is the best for those with MTHFR variants.

  • Is this appropriate for a 9 year old? Can the tablets be crushed?

    Yes, the tablets can be crushed. 3 tablets is recommended for adults, so perhaps not more than 1 (or 2 tablets depending on weight compared to adult).

  • how much will kill you? i want to make sure before i give my daughter some

    Usually even adults should not take more than 3 tablets. It will not kill you, but more is not better. Taking the proper amount is most helpful. The tolerable upper intake levels (UL) for: Vitamin C: 1,200mg daily for children 9-13 (3 tablets: 500mg),  B6: 60 mg/day (9–13 years) (3 tablets: 50mg),  Calcium: 3000mg (9–18 years) (3 tablets: 100mg),  Magnesium: 350mg (9–18 years) (3 tablets: 100mg),  Zinc: 23mg (9–13 years) (3 tablets: 25mg),  Selenium: 280mcg (9–13 years) (3 tablets: 50mcg),  All other ingredients: no upper intake level established (or is much higher than serving size). The only worry is B6 and Zinc. If zinc is low as it usually is for undermethylators (for instance white spots on fingernails) 3 tablets is not a problem. If else, go down to maximum 2 tablets for 9 year old (or even less if younger).

  • Why is the dosage for the methylfolate so low?

    Please read here: .
    Methylfolate helps often the first few days only if methylfolate dosage is high, then it can build up and cause more problems than being helpful if you do not use everything.

  • Please can you confirm the levels of lead per tablet cautioned on the side? This appears to be perfect but need reassurance that the levels are not toxic. Kind regards

    It is one of requirements under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) if we are to sell this product in California according to Prop-65, and is nothing to worry about. Please read more about this here:

  • I am allergic to yeast. Is the yeast from the selenium enough to affect me?

    As far as I know there should be no yeast at all. It is just that the selenium is from yeast which is the best available/active form. So no yeast in our supplement, only selenium and the other nutrients and regular protective coating. However if there should be any trace of yeast left which would make you react, we will of course offer the money back even after you have tried it.

  • I was told not to take any folic acid supplements as an undermethylator. Is this product safe for me considering it has folic acid in it?

    First: it does not contain "folic acid", but the more bioavailable form of folate: l-methylfolate (and a very small dose of that). You are correct about not taking a separate methylfolate (or other folate supplement) as an undermethylator. This is also described in our blog: .  
    Most supplements contain way too much, and taking large doses will not help undermethylation in the long run, unless you keep the dose at such a low level that everything is used. This supplement (VITAcure Methyl Plus) contains a very low dose of methylfolate only: less than 17mcg in each tablet (if you take 3 throughout the day it will be total of only 50mcg). That's only as much folate as what's in about 6 grams of liver (or 19 grams in 3 tablets). If you take no more than what you use every day you are absolutely safe. You could start off slowly with only 1 tablet a day. The other co-factors in this supplement helps you use the folate. It is also important to take SAM-e to get folate level down and start methylation, and it is more important to not overdo with folate rich foods (for instance: Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), Liver, Pinto beans, Lentils, Spinach, Asparagus, Avocado, Beets, Black eyed peas & Broccoli). Contrary to some claims/misinformation, natural folate is not better, and too much methylfolate is not good for undermethylators (MTHFR or NOT).