Methyl Plus (120 tablets) 60 servings*
Methyl Plus (120 tablets) 60 servings*
Methyl Plus (120 tablets) 60 servings*
Methyl Plus (120 tablets) 60 servings*
Methyl Plus (120 tablets) 60 servings*

Methyl Plus (120 tablets) 60 servings*

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*just "expired" (Supplements do not expire, and potency is still very good). The printed date is just a guarantee for 100% potency (we recommend securing some at this low price now at a reduced price). It might have a more pungent smell than usual (we recommend opening the bottle and ventilating outdoors first). A new version will be available a bit later.

Please note: there are a few changes in this new version!

We have added some ingredients, and we also recommend supplementing with Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C in addition to Methyl Plus supplement. However, we do not recommend taking Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C at the same time as Methyl Plus. You should take the Methyl Plus supplement in the morning and not too late as before, and you should supplement with at least a good Calcium/Magnesium supplement at night (minimum 100mg of each, but twice the amount of Calcium also works well).

There are many Calcium/Magnesium supplements available anywhere. Take absorbable forms, avoiding magnesium aspartate or -glutamate.

Undermethylation vitamins and minerals.

Natural, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free undermethylation supplement (in addition to SAM-e), packed with only the best active nutrients for the under-methylator. Manufactured in the USA (GMP compliant facility).

It is designed to help with MTHFR (MTHFR is divided into two groups: Undermethylator and Overmethylator, and most are in the first group. If you are in the second, however, the supplementation should be different). Read our Articles/NEWS for more information.

Note: This product is designed to work together with SAM-e to help the methylation cycle speed up. If you do not have SAM-e already, please order it now (SAM-e should be taken separately as a methyl-donor, especially in the early stage). At the moment, we do not sell only SAM-e, but we have tested the product to the right, which works well.

If you came here for methylfolate, please read this: (Blog) "Methylfolate - the "suicidal" nutrient (don't believe the hype)" .

Blog: Why not only SAM-e?

Cofactors for the "under-methylator". These nutrients are aimed for those who are undermethylated (if you do not know, you should check first or consult with your nutritionally aware practitioner).

Blog: How do you know if you are undermethylated?

The easiest way (no more pill organizers) to get all your nutrients in the best forms (no compromises). Plus it will save you money, time compared to buying every nutrient separate (planning and preparation to get everything you need) and extra fillers, etc. (we have managed to squeeze as many and much of each essential nutrient as possible into each tablet - avoiding unnecessary fillers).

Contains only the best forms of each nutrient (best active forms suitable to aid in the methylation cycle).

Many of the facts on this website are based on the research of the non-profit organization Walsh Research Institute. For more information about the Walsh Approach, we encourage you to read the book "Nutrient Power" by the founder and President of the Walsh Research Institute, William J. Walsh, Ph.D., FACN.


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  • I thought each persons needs are different for methyl support so this all in one supplement seems like a one size fits all. Plus the amounts seem excessive and makes me nervous to purchase. please explain thank you.

    Yes, the amounts are and should be high, but that is needed to improve from undermethylation. Several minerals etc. are usually always deficient (with most people, but especially some with undermethylators). A supplement with small amounts might be a little better than nothing, but might not help much, and some vitamins, etc. can even make the problem worse. So yes, this is a supplement for low methylators (one size fits all), but NOT for high methylators. A mutation in some of the MTHFR genes might affect methylation, but many other genes make up the total (pull in each direction of total methyl outcome). So you find out if the methylation is low or high (symptoms usually determine and trial of SAM-e for a short time will confirm if it helps or not).

  • Why do you state that Sam-e should be ordered and taken separate if it is already part of the ingredient list ?

    Depending on individual methylation, the optimal intake of SAM-e vary. Most undermethylated people would benefit from a higher intake of SAM-e (but for some, the amount in Methyl PLUS might be sufficient).