"VITAcure Methyl Plus" sold by helps improving methylation (helps for undermethylation).
VITAcure Methyl Plus supplement increases methylation (methionine cycle). The new version of VITAcure Methyl Plus also contains some SAM-e, but usually, for severe undermethylation, additional SAM-e is needed.
It is possible to achieve rapid mental improvement for conditions caused by undermethylation. Some examples are depression, stress, OCD, delusion, and in some severe cases, even hallucinations - not to be confused with psychosis, which has a different cause: too much dopamine instead of too little serotonin*. However, improving too low methylation may also reduce the risk of diseases (like many forms of cancer, inflammation, etc.), and improving immune defense, etc. but this requires long time treatment.
Supplementing with VITAcure Methyl Plus often gives better results than SSRI, because it targets the underlying problem and not only treats some of the symptoms. Besides, increasing vitamins and minerals that are deficient has many positive health benefits and not the adverse side effects of a drug.
Undermethylated people are usually always more deficient than others in the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are in "VITAcure Methyl Plus." "VITAcure Methyl Plus" will not only make you feel better - it will be better for your health as well!

MTHFR DNA gene mutations in c677t and a1298c create imbalance and deficiency in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. VITAcure Methyl Plus is a beneficial supplement for undermethylated people. It can improve methylation and reduce symptoms and diseases caused by undermethylation. 

 *This statement might seem controversial, but studies show that LSD only affects serotonin receptors and not dopamine. Blocking serotonin might be what causes hallucinations.


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