Difference undermethylated vs. overmethylated (symptoms)

This is a rough comparison of undermethylated vs. over-methylated people to give you an idea of which category you are in. If you have some/more of the undermethylation symptoms and none/few of the over-methylation symptoms you are most likely in the undermethylation group of people. We might update this post with more symptoms/corrections. Many of the "problems" we can learn to live with and get used to of course, so with age some problems might diminish.

Undermethylated people tend to have more obsessive-compulsive tendencies (OCD), addictiveness, and can also be quite aggressive. Delusions, brain fog etc. are also typical for under-methylators.

 Even more information about undermethylation symptoms can be found in our blog post "How do you know if you are undermethylated?".




Low pain threshold

High pain threshold (shock resistant)

Hot body temperature

Low body temperature (hand/feet)

High perspiration

Low perspiration

Weak hair growth (men: beard/chest/arm)

Strong hair growth (men: beard/chest/arm)

High histamine

Low histamine

No/few food/chemical allergies

Several food/chemical allergies

Oily skin, acne, more salivary flow/tears

Dry skin, eczema, dry mouth/eyes

Strong teeth

Dental caries

Low homocysteine

High homocysteine





Looking calm outwards, controlled

Outwards agitated/restless/stuttering

Not showing emotions

Can not hide emotions

Lack of empathy

Very empathic

Inner tension

Inner calm

Loner, resisting attention

Social, enjoys attention from others

Very competitive, strong willed

Non-competitive, lower motivation

Not satisfied with own body

Content with own looks

Very high libido

Lower/no libido

Oppositional as youth

Not as oppositional

Not hitting notes (not musical)

Hitting notes very well (musical)

Narrow/little musical interest

Very interested in music (broad)

Slow calculation

Quick calculation

Poor memory

Good memory

Low serotonin/dopamine activity

Elevated serotonin/dopamine activity


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